4SAPpeople has been created by SAP consultants and for SAP consultants. The only mission we have, is to ensure that freelance SAP consultants do have new projects to provide their competencies to, when their contracts expire, and to ensure that they always get the major part of the contract sum.
To be able to provide their skills to the customers projects or tasks that are in 4SAPpeople’s customer network, the SAP consultants must register and mark their specific competencies to 4SAPpeople’s database, that in details specify their competencies within SAP so it is fast to categories for the customers or the project owners.

All consultants work as freelance assigned and each of them are running their own company with local VAT registration. 4SAPpeople provide a credit note to the provider at the same time as the customer is invoiced. The credit note adobes the same payment conditions as the customer invoice. Normal payment terms are 30 days.

Direct advantages for the provider of SAP competences:

  • Easy and fast creation of the registration and your profile in the competence database
  • Finders fee of €1.000 by acquiring new skills - hired for a 4SAPpeople customer 
  • Finders fee of €1.000 by giving tips about projects under way 
  • International SAP projects which improve your skills and competencies
  • No recruitment for permanent positions
  • High hourly and daily rates, 90% goes directly to the provider 
  • Increase your motivation
  • 4SAPpeople find the next project for you
  • Keep you updated on open vacancies



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