4SAPpeople launched 11/11/11 - 11:11

4SAPpeople is a provider of freelance SAP competencies.

Our intention is to connect to most possibel freelance SAP competencies in Europe and get a database of around 2000 items, representing all countries in Europe, which includes Eastern Europe.

The mission is:

....to provide the highest qualifications of SAP competencies at a fair price for both consultants and customers, without having an expensive 3rd party taking most of the fee. We have a declared goal to provide 90% of the fee to the consultant who execute the job, for the benefit of the customer and the consultant.

4SAPpeople do not bet on the profit, but rather the volume which will give us much more credit and understanding with our customers.

Look forward to serv you, and you can always contact us here or on phone +45 2630 2639.