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Save money and time on your future SAP projects

4SAPpeople is an association of independent SAP consultants, selling their SAP expertise to businesses and organizations for development projects or for large deployments across Europe, as contractors. Other continents can be scheduled if needed.

All SAP consultants are characterized by being certified and by having at least 10 years of experience within their core SAP competencies.

Our brand is not by chance a springer

Our brand is not by chance a Springer from the strategic game, Chess.

The Springer is very often characterized and valued as the crucial piece in the strategic plan of any chess mat. It is difficult to be without in that particular situation.

4SAPpeople does not have any intention of setting anybody chess mat, but we would very much like to be the partner that connect and combine your plans with a successful SAP project.

4SAPpeople launched 11/11/11 - 11:11

4SAPpeople is a provider of freelance SAP competencies.

Our intention is to connect to most possibel freelance SAP competencies in Europe and get a database of around 2000 items, representing all countries in Europe, which includes Eastern Europe.

The mission is: